White Lily Urns specializes in offering an array of unique and exquisite cremation urns. Our products are customized and especially created for the unique size specifications in Hong Kong.

The passing of a family member can be tough to process, but honoring their lives can be a great relief and provide comfort and healing to all. In addition to arranging funeral services, White Lily offers a wide range of decorative urns for ashes. Understanding the needs of each family is our priority, as is recommending suitable cremation urns and vases made with the utmost standards of quality. Our meticulous and elegant designs ensure that your loved one will always remain close to you, while precious materials, engravings, and more help commemorate their life.

Choosing a cremation urn

The majority of cremation urns readily available in Hong Kong are made from natural stone, however we also offer an extended array of materials including porcelain and brass. Different materials exude and reflect distinct characteristics. A loved one known for their elegance could be remembered with an opulent jade urn, while those who are remembered for their devotion to nature could be commemorated with a stunning brass urn highlighted with images of leaves turning color against an autumn sky. The process of choosing a cremation urn is often therapeutic and an opportunity for you and your family to bond over special memories and moments of your loved one.

In addition to the aesthetic choice of the funeral urn, consideration for its display location will also be an influential factor in the selection process. For instance, it is not recommended for marble cremation urns to be stored in an open-air columbarium where exposure to elements such as sunlight, rain or high humidity levels is imminent.

White Lily also offers an engraving service to further customize and refine your cremation urn or vase to best commemorate your loved one. Your choice of words, Biblical texts and other verses that pay homage to and help loved ones reflect upon a life lost are excellent ways to make your cremation urn a unique one.
Lastly, families should pay special attention to the unique size of niches in Hong Kong. We have taken this component into consideration when we designed all our urns and vases for ashes.

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White Lily is dedicated to providing the most thoughtful and respectful service for you and your family. Every detail is managed professionally so you can grieve the passing of your loved one without any extra complications. To purchase a cremation urn here in Hong Kong, contact us today.