Keepsake urns & Cremation Keepsakes

White Lily aims to make each step of funeral planning as seamless and worry-free as possible, allowing the bereaved to take the time to process the loss. When grieving, finding ways to honor, commemorate, and pay homage to the deceased can provide one with a sense of comfort and relief.

White Lily offers a wide selection of keepsake urns to commemorate your loved one while keeping their memory alive. Honor their life with a thoughtfully crafted pendant or small urn that encapsulates everything which made them special to you and your family.

Cremation keepsakes

Along with funeral services and cremation urns, keepsakes are a fitting way to keep the memory of your loved one alive and close.

Urns are often stored in a columbarium or family home. The process of choosing and storing an urn is an important part of the healing process. Keepsake urns provide family members with options to keep a token of remembrance of their loved one. Acquiring several keepsakes allows one to commemorate the same life by storing in each only a small portion of the ashes. Whether the family decides to scatter or store the ashes in an urn after the funeral service, keepsake urns help each family member always keep the memory of the loved one close.

Keepsake urns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from pendants to miniature urns. Similar to when choosing a cremation urn, keepsakes are a great way to capture the essence of what made your loved one so unique and special.

White Lily’s selection of cremation keepsakes is diverse, ranging from jewelry to small urns crafted in a variety of styles. Different traits and characteristics of your loved one can be reflected in your choice of keepsake urn. Simple designs such as our timeless diamond keepsake can represent a relationship characterized by honesty and truth. Small stainless-steel pendants can be worn and complement a variety of outfits, and earth-toned brass pieces can commemorate a loved one’s devotion to nature.

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Our mission at White Lily is to take the complications away from your grieving process. To learn more about our selection of thoughtfully designed cremation keepsakes, please contact us.