Cremation Urns

White Lily believes that each life is precious and deserves to be honoured in an elegant and dignified way.

Beyond the funeral service itself, cremation and funeral urns play an important part in commemorating the loss of a loved one. While the funeral service is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the life that was lived, a careful and intentional selection of personalized cremation urns allows for memories to live on in a special way. Even the process of selecting and customizing the urn has often had a unifying effect on family members as they reflect on pleasant moments and the personality of their loved one. These times of togetherness are able to offer comfort and healing in times of grief.

What we offer

Traditionally in Hong Kong, the selection and availability of urns and cremation keepsakes has been limited in style and form. White Lily would like to change that by offering alternatives.

To offer a breadth of selection, White Lily carries a diverse selection of cremation urns designed for Hong Kong size specifications as well as a unique collection of cremation keepsakes, including keepsake urns, crystals, jewellery, decorative pieces, and more.

Cremation urns and keepsakes are available in a wide variety of patterns, colours, and materials. Along with these, White Lily also carries the traditional Chinese-styled cremation urns that are flawlessly carved from precious stones. Whatever the preference, we hope to provide a wide array of options so that you will be able to select the most fitting one that will represent the life of your loved one. Personalization and engraving options are also available.

To find out more about our urns and other cremation products, contact us and make an appointment to visit our showroom.