In Loving Memory of Alden Chow 懷念您,周家龍弟兄

Our beloved son, Alden, is sorely missed.

Since being given to us on 12 June 2004, he has always been a happy and active child. He liked football, basketball, swimming, and watching his favourite TV programs. He also found time to play video games (notably Minecraft and CS Go) and chat with his many good friends.  Travelling was a highlight for him, particularly our ski trips. While loving Japanese food since an early age, like many kids in Hong Kong, he also liked his periodic trips to McDonalds. Potato chips, ice cream, mac and cheese, soft drinks and “Afternoon Black Tea” 「午後之紅茶」were also his favourites.

Alden had a lot of friends and he enjoyed chatting with them all the time. Recently, he took on an interest in fitness, often going for runs in the gym. He also acquired a collection of pets, beginning with two little tortoises, ” Tomato ” and ” Potato “, and followed by a furry family member, a little Bichon Frise he named “Luffy”.

Alden’s schooling was a highlight for him, from Victoria Kindergarten, through Victoria Shanghai Academy Primary School and, since grade 5, Canadian International School of Hong Kong. His teachers and classmates remember him as a cheerful, considerate, helpful and humorous person. Being modest, polite and diligent with his studies, he was appreciated by his teachers.

At home, we saw his more carefree side, where he brought joy to our household. His kindness, up-beat demeanour and respect for others made him both a pleasure and a pivot for our home life. Our favourite memories are our family trips to Japan, France, Australia, Italy, Britain, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Alden and his brother were very close and spent a lot of time together. A favourite memory of Ambrose was the time they played Frisbee together at a park in Vancouver until late sunset after 10 pm. This is something they had never experienced in Hong Kong.

Although Alden’s life was short, it has been full of love, including the love of his family and the love of God. He accepted Christ at the end of 2020 and was baptized at the beginning of this year. Being a committed believer, he diligently prayed every day and often watched videos about religious beliefs on the Internet, including “Bible Project”.

While Alden has left us, we know that he has now ascended to the place that God has prepared for him, where there is no more sickness, pain, and tears. We pray that one day, at the other end of the horizon, we will join Alden.


家龍出生於2004612日,是一位快樂及好動的孩子。他的興趣包括足球、籃球、游泳,看電視,去旅行和滑雪。他也很喜歡與朋友們一起聊天及打遊戲機,例如Minecraft CS GO。他自少鍾愛日本的食物,也和香港大部份孩子一樣,喜歡到麥當勞。薯片,雪糕,mac and cheese,汽水,「午後之紅茶」也都是他的最愛。

家龍有很多好朋友,常跟他們談天說地。長大後他也喜歡去健身室跑步。他善待小動物,特別是小狗,因此家裡有一隻白色的比熊犬名叫Luffy。此外,他也飼養了兩隻小龜,叫“Tomato” “Potato”


在家中家龍是孻子,自幼深得父母、外公和兄長疼愛。他也十分乖巧,對長輩很尊重。他留給家人最珍貴的回憶是他的純真和善良,與及曾經一起到日本、法國、澳洲、意大利、英國、加拿大、美國、台灣 、印尼、泰國、越南等地旅遊的情景。


家龍的人生雖然短暫,卻又是充滿愛,包括家人的愛,上帝的愛。他在2020年底決志信主,今年年初受洗。自從他信了基督耶穌後,他每一天都有祈禱。此外,他也經常在網上觀看一些探討宗教信仰的影片,例如一個名叫“Bible project”的頻度。


Funeral Service for Alden Chow 周家龍先生追思禮

Date 日期: Thursday, 30 September 2021 
Time 時間: 7:00 p.m.
Venue 地點 : Methodist International Church 循道衞理聯合教會國際禮拜堂

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