We miss you, Emily Lo

Emily lit up every room she entered and enhanced the life of every person she came to know.  She projected an air of easy charm and radiated a genuine sense of warmth that put everyone around her at ease.  It was impossible not to fall in love with her as a person at the very first sight.  That is what happened to Bill and Lucy on May 1, 1980 when the newborn baby girl Emily entered their lives.  Emily’s older brother, Simon however, was a little bit less enthusiastic in the notion of sharing the spotlight in the family.

Emily had many passions and interests.  In her teenage and college years, she had several passionate love affairs: Leslie Cheung, Leon Lai, and New Kids On The Block just to name a few.  She also had a passion for the arts, music, and fashion. (That may explain why she was always so classy and looked like a runway model).  Her love for the arts led her to pursue her studies at the Ontario College of Arts & Design University where she graduated with a Diploma in Advertising Design. 

Of all of Emily’s passions and interests, her greatest love and perhaps her proudest accomplishment, is being the mother of Isabella.  All of Emily’s charm, warmth, and love are magnified in the presence of her daughter.  There is nothing she would not do to protect, to love, and to hold her daughter up high. 

For 40 years Emily brought happiness, love, excitement (often the heart attack-inducing kind), and tears of both torment and joy to her family.  To her family, Emily was the best daughter, granddaughter and baby sister anyone can ask for.  She was not shy in telling her family how much she loves them, and she always backed those words up with real action and sacrifice.  Emily was witty and funny, always quick and ready with a well-placed riposte if she smells bullshit.  She was never mean-spirited about it, it’s just sharp wit and her wonderful sense of humor.  Emily was opinionated and loved a good debate, by the speed and intensity in which she speaks, it is not only impossible for one to get a word into the argument, it would be a struggle just to get enough oxygen from the room.  Being a Taurus, Emily can be impossibly stubborn and headstrong.  Tears were shed in the family in support of her causes, but there were never any regrets; they loved her as much as she loved them, and they felt lucky to be a part of her life’s roller-coaster ride.

On December 6, 2020, Emily’s life journey ended.  She fought a valiant battle against breast cancer.  While her mortal body may have succumbed, her staunch spirit was steadfast to the very end.  Emily is survived by her beloved daughter Isabella, her mother Lucy L.S. Lee, maternal grandmother Chu Pei Tze, brother Simon and sister-in-law Anna as well as countless extended family members and friends that are too numerous to list, but not forgotten. 

In Remembrance of Emily Lo

Date: Monday, 21 December, 2020
Time: 2:45 PM
Venue: Methodist International Church

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