Meet the Team

Ka Wong

Managing Director

“I believe that each person’s life is unique and therefore deserves a dignified and personal sendoff. I want to provide an alternative for people in Hong Kong so that they can experience exactly that. In all White Lily does, we are committed to commemorating the deceased and comforting the family.”

Sze Yuen Ng

Pastoral Director

“For us, the most important part is journeying with our clients through their grief. The funeral ceremony is one of the ways that help them through the mourning process. Our goal is to help them regain their confidence, hope, and love.”

White Lily provides grieving families with a dedicated team of ministers, counselors, decorators, florists, musicians, and ceremony planners.

Venue Decorator & Florist

The interplay of space, colour, and lighting can play a significant role in the quality of a funeral. We aim to create a peaceful and elegant environment where family and friends can experience comfort.

Ceremony Planner

Beginning from the planning process to overseeing the day, the ceremony planner will take care of every detail of the ceremony to ensure the family’s wishes are fully respected and addressed.


In addition to presiding over each of our funeral ceremonies, the pastor involved also takes on the role of a spiritual advisor. The pastor will meet with families, offer prayer, counseling support, and is committed to walking with each family during their difficult time.


Music in a funeral ceremony can be a powerful element to help those grieving express emotions and process pain. Our team of musicians including a pianist, flutist, violinist, etc. help create an atmosphere of healing and comfort.


Our team of professional counselors are available to help families walk through their grief. We believe each person grieves in their own way, and we want to help in whatever way we can.

Advisory Board

White Lily is endorsed and advised by a group of local/overseas pastors, scholars and professionals.

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