White Lily: Peace, Honour and Hope

White Lily believes every life is unique, precious, and deserving of a dignified ceremony to commemorate the end of the journey.

Through its funeral services in Hong Kong, White Lily passionately creates opportunities for families and friends to honour their loved ones while receiving comfort and healing.

As one of the few licensed funeral service providers in Hong Kong, White Lily is committed to high quality, personalized services, delivered with passion and care.

Funerals in Hong Kong are often associated with traditional rituals or the funeral homes that we often visit. White Lily offers an alternative, giving people in Hong Kong an option to bid farewell to their loved ones in a different way.

White Lily’s full range of funeral services enables its highly capable team to support you and your family through your time of loss, assisting you from beginning to end. Every element of White Lily’s funerals are planned with an immaculate attention to detail so that the family can truly be free to focus on each other in these precious moments.

Services include venue arrangement, whether your preference is to be at a church or a funeral home in Hong Kong, government document processing, ceremony planning, venue decoration, music, and even obituary and eulogy writing. To further support the family, we are also happy to arrange grief counselling, reception arrangements, post-funeral services, and memorial activities.

In addition to organizing funerals in Hong Kong, White Lily also offers cemetery plots in Hong Kong and a wide variety of cremation products and keepsakes. Though not necessarily a part of the funeral service, the burial or cremation portion of the process is also an important part of the send-off.

To find out more on any of the service and products mentioned, contact us today.

“The White Lily team was caring, devoted, and attentive to details in their services. Their attitude was genuine (cannot be fabricated) and not something money could buy; a true reflection of God’s love. This is from the bottom of my heart.”

Miss Poon