What About Cremation?

Cremation should be looked upon as simply an alternative to burial. We react when someone says, "We are just going to have him cremated," This suggests that cremation is somehow a second rate or easier form of disposition and that it is done to avoid hassle or to save time. Cremation is not an inferior alternative in any way. The family who chooses this form of care for a loved one should never feel any sense of not doing the best or caring as much for a loved one.

We are often asked if there is anything in scriptures that indicates how we should feel about cremation. We must say that there is no position on cremation at all though some religious doctrines have strict guidelines about cremation. Our only advice to families is that cremation should not take away from the funeral ceremonies that have been proven as healing.

Now more than eighty percent of the funerals are followed by cremation. Because of the widespread acceptance, we have established definite ceremonies for these services. There is no difference in the cremation service and the burial service. Ceremony is a vital part of the healing process in grief, and they have developed ceremonies that fit their culture. Our hope is that this guide will help your family plan a ceremony that honors your loved one and fits your family.